Efficacy of Prayer and Meditation


The benefits of meditation are threefold; spiritual, mental, and physical. The payoffs are tremendous and in a broad sense fall into one of those these three categories. Meditation is in reality intensely practical. One of its first fruits is emotional balance. The list of benefits from meditating is long and varied. 

Prayer is good medicine. There is growing evidence that praying for ourselves and others can have a positive impact on our health and well-being. We are finding that prayer works even across great distances, and that the healing power is mysterious but real.

Will prayingWhatever is this mysterious thing called prayer, it works.

Wild West Way’s Step Eleven:
I pray and meditate so I can be super- powered, happy, and free.


Regular meditators exhibit the following traits: a calm and collected voice, relaxed neck muscles, a kindly appearance, tension-free gait, and grace and charm in all actions. I corroborate with the findings of hundreds of research studies. Meditation most definitely improves the quality of life, health, the spirit. There are many ways to meditate than there are people.

David Larson, M.D., of the National Institute for Healthcare Research in Rockville, Maryland, which studies the relationship between health and spirituality, said that if you “pray regularly, it’s very beneficial in terms of preventing illness, mental and physical, and you cope with illness much more effectively. If you look at the research, in area after area, it’s 80% beneficial”. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Religion is the outward form, the ‘container,’ specifically the liturgy and all the acts of worship that teach praise and give thanks to God. Spirituality is the inward activity of growth and maturation that happens in each one of us. Prayer is simply the act of turning our heart and mind to the sacred. Prayer is probably the safest, oldest, most noninvasive healing aspect.

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