Who Are We?

Right now, we are me. This is temporary.  In the meantime, I tell you that I am Lark West. I have a lifetime (well, to this point) of off-the-mainstream beaten path experiences, including:

  • being a wild and free little girl who was often asked, “what if everyone did that?”
  • sex-drugs-and-rock ‘n roll anti-establishment hippie
  • only one night in jail, but that cured me of my shoplifting thing to …
  • gainfully and freely employed in an old-fashioned honkey-tonk strip joint and massage parlor
  • ‘typical battered wife’
  • a magnificent spiritual awakening that enabled me to breathe and learn the simple tools of Wild West Way that I never knew before
  • single-solo-full-time-employed parent of children with special needs

You get the picture; this is a sliver of it.  I got my BA at DePaul University, after I assisted my children in the formal higher education route. I’ve 60 graduate hours in Education and Psychology; I practiced School Psychology for a year in a suburban middle school and CPS high school.  I am grateful for the formal learning and training on the magnificent foundation my experiences.

I have been living in this Way for 30 years. My networking is vast – myriads of extraordinary folks (you being one of them). My life, career, and educational experiences uniquely prepare me for spearheading this.

team work conceptFor more, see me on LinkedIn (let’s connect there as well) and here.  I live between Chicago and Milwaukee. I envision much of the collaboration can be done via technology so please, jump in. Face-to-face is good too.  You may email me at Lark@wildwestway.org.

There is much work to do. On down the line, a team will be formed comprised of an array of remarkable individuals.

Perhaps you?

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