Initial Questions

Together all things are possible.

Together all things are possible.

Questions and answers will evolve this in the best way.  These, and more, will be posted in the blog – for discussion and illumination.

  • Wild West Way! will be in a group format. Defined as a club? Program? Something else?
  • While not “religious”, will some think it is and therefore inappropriate?
  • How do we best get the support of school administration, families, school social workers and psychologists?
  • When during the school day would the group meetings best be held?  After school?
  • Local 12-Step volunteers in the community will be utilized (as they are now in County Jails and Department of Corrections), after going through the school’s standard clearance procedures. Volunteers will follow the school’s regulations and Wild West Way! guidelines.  These guidelines will be created through a collaborative effort of the start-up team/committee/board. Thoughts?
  • The initial Wild West Way! creation group best be comprised of what people?  (parents, school administrator, school social worker, school psychologist, others passionate about the effort ~ and who else?)  Much can be done virtually so someone outside of Chicago-land can also participate, yes?
  • The process of each step must be maintained, while the wording is made most clear for children and adolescents. We like the simple process of the Way as outlined in the original twelve steps.  Good as is?
  • What other sources of The Way do we want to include here? In future literature and descriptions?
  • What is involved in getting a program started in a school?
  • What other programs have been brought into schools?

    Until we ask all the right questions, we'll never find all the right answers.

    Until we ask all the right questions,
    we’ll never find all the right answers.

  • Should this be marketed?  Be a non-profit?  Supported by a foundation?
  • How much coercion, if any, should be used to impact a child’s initial and subsequent attendance?   I say none – support, of course; coercion, not at all. Then too, there are folks ordered by judges to go to 12-step meetings, “you can serve two years or go to xyz number of 12-step meetings a week …”, and some of those people have been known to have the mind follow the body.

Of course, I have my own opinions and bias. This is one of the myriads of reasons the development of Wild West Way! must be collaborative. In this way, it will unfold just as it needs to. Yes, this is “we” creation.  I will begin posting questions and asking for comments and future questions in the Blog area.

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