What is the Way?

William Blake's "Philander's Dust"Using the age-old psychosocial solution of The Way, children will help themselves and each other. They will be guided through the process and learn principles for living that will serve them well.  This may very well develop a life-long foundation for personal empowerment that remains with them throughout their lives.

Another who understands and offers the Way solution to young people is Ron Keller.  In 1989 Ron wrote, “Growing up is tough, scary, lonely, and frustrating. Growing up is confusing. Growing up is challenging. Kids constantly ponder, ‘What should I do? Who should I spend time with?’ These mental struggles are complicated by the bodily changes teens experience … Ron Keller addresses issues of growth and identity formation and suggests a solution to the many life”s difficulties in the form of a ‘Twelve Steps for Kids’ program.” pdf here

Consider a passage from 24 Magazine, June 1973 (author unknown):

“The Way is so big you have to struggle to hang on to its meaning from day to day. You will need all the strength you have merely to remember it, not because it is dim or remote but on the contrary because it is immediate, relevant, true, and beautiful beyond our hopes.


“The Way is a method, a program, a means, and a power for achieving a definite result:  a radical change (metanoia) in human consciousness and human nature, bringing with it freedom from want and fear, regeneration of the whole person, and the true brotherhood of man. It’s no small thing, but small and weak people can do it, indeed are particularly qualified to do it. The Way is not a religion, but all real religion springs from it – not a science but all real science obeys its principles – not an art, but all real art is a communication of it. The Way is the power which keeps the stars in their courses, and shows men how to live. It is the way the universe works, and the way you work when you are in your right mind. It is the Norm of human life. People are sane when they obey it, and insane when they ignore it. The Way is what the rationalists call the First Principles of Practical Reason and the faithful call it The Kingdom of Heaven. All things are made by it, supported by it, and received by it at death. The Way is the Life (Zoe). It is the Law (Torah) and the Presence (Shekinah), the Road (Tariqa) and the Struggle (Akbar), the Path (Tao) and it’s Power (The), the Pattern (Rita) and the Method (Dharma). It is Logos-Sophia, Atman, the ruling Power of the universe in its aspect of illuminator and guide to the human race. It is the TRUTH, the ultimate Reality, the Self-existent, the Suchness-Aletheia, Sat, al Haqq, Aehyeh, Tathata. It is Christ, God himself as teacher, helper, friend, and savior of men. It is the King of kings and the Lord or lords, the blessed and only Potentate. It is all this at one and the same time. And whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, you are dealing with it – positively or negatively – every hour of your life.”

Resilience and support will be promoted by the essential peer-mentoring component.  Children will help children by sharing their experience, strength, and hope. Comprehensive treatment services of our nation’s Drug Courts include mandated participation in 12-step self-help groups and the use of its philosophy.  Wild West Way! is duplicable and can tap into volunteers across our country in the same way jails and prisons do.

Step by step, this will come to fruition.

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