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— As a mother, wife, woman, friend, human being, I am reaching out for help in raising money for our civil rights law suit, case docket number 2:14-cv-00244-LJM-WGH, filed with the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana —

Civil cases are public record in Virginia. You may visit the Virginia Court’s website if you need to confirm the filing of the case (Case No. CL11004675-00 located in Richmond City)

Since this is a legal matter, we would like to remain discreet about posting any details. As this case is still open, please note that we are not able to comment on or discuss any aspect of it other than what is disclosed above. Unauthorized use of this site or its contents is strictly prohibited.

  1. you can help us crowd fund our defense. 

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A case like this could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Enigma Software has a history


“Freedom isn’t free”  and we can’t afford to fight this suit on our own, but you can help by contributing to our defense! 

A case like this could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Enigma Software has a history of filing law suits to bully people into removing reviews or opinions about their products.

If BleepingComputer does not get the help we need, it will only empower Enigma Software to try silence other bloggers and reviewers who post a negative comment about their products.

At BleepingComputer we have always provided free quality computer support.  When people have ask how they can pay us back, we have always stated to take that money and  give it a local charity.

But now we need your help!

Please help us by contributing towards our legal defense.  Any funds not used in our defense will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) .

We also need you to help spread the word so that others know about our fight to protect Freedom of Speech and contribute to our defense.

The Internet community needs to show a united front in support of Freedom of Speech without fear of being bullied! The more people who know about this will enable us to raise the funds we need to fight for our Right to Free Speech!

Help spread the word!

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  1. from themarshallproject:

he set up a website, contacted local and national media, and created a GoFundMe page. The page helped legitimize the campaign and gave people a safe place to enter a credit card number, he says. He pulled in $8,475 online (and about $5,000 offline). Some experts donated their time, too

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